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Update on Fourth Quarter 2016 Stock Price Announcement, Trade Dates and Stockholder Call

We will announce the new stock price on Monday, March 6, 2017. Our Fourth Quarter 2016 Stockholder Update Call will be held at 8:00 A.M. MST on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. Please refer to the webcast link, dial-in information and other details available here to access the live call and replay. Also, please be alert to the filing of our Annual Report on Form 10-K and our Form 8-K announcing the stock price.

We are in the process of transitioning our internal market processing system, certain equity plan administration functions, and transfer agent to an external 3rd party vendor, Computershare. One of the primary benefits to stockholders, especially former employees of CH2M, will be the ease of access to their stock portfolio from multiple web browsers. Due to this transition, we currently expect to open the market during the second week of April 2017. Communications including more information on the transition to Computershare will be forthcoming, and we will announce the trade date and related deadlines in April.

CH2M Board news

As previously announced, the Board of Directors is planning to propose an amendment to CH2M's Certificate of Incorporation at this year's Annual Meeting of Stockholders to allow retired employees of the company to be considered as an "employee director." If the amendment is approved by our stockholders, we will seek recommendations for a qualified retiree director nominee to our Board and anticipate that one of our employee directors would come from the retiree group later this year. Retirees who were full-time employees and meet (a) the "criteria for employee director candidates" set forth as Annex B to CH2M's Governance Principles and (b) additional criteria for retiree director nominees will be eligible for nomination. We expect the additional criteria for retiree director nominees to include at least the following requirements: (i) a minimum common stock ownership, (ii) retirement from the company in good standing, and (iii) that the retiree is not a current or recent employee or consultant for another company or firm that is or could be viewed as in competition with CH2M or any of its affiliates.

If the amendment is approved, it will require an existing employee director to resign from the Board in order to fill a retiree position. If the amendment is not approved, a retiree would not be appointed as an employee director.

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At CH2M, we're excited by tough challenges - the tougher they are, the more excited we get.

We love to take on our clients' most complex infrastructure and natural resource problems, turning them upside down and inside out, solving them in ways nobody has thought of before. Together, we create new pathways for human progress, breathing fresh life, energy and enterprise into every community we touch.

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Annual meeting

The 2016 Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be held at 901 New York Avenue N.W., Suite 4000 East, Washington, D.C. 20001 , on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

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